Dustin Foster Doubles Thru Orez Mokedi

Level 15. Ante 5k . Blinds 2.5k.5k . Entries 15/103

A single-raised pot preflop sees stacks get in on a flop of Queen of diamonds9 of spades4 of diamonds with Dustin Foster all in for 130K on the button versus Orez Mokedi in the cutoff.

“Do you have a set?” a tablemate asks Foster. He nods as he shows 9 of hearts9 of clubs for middle set, way ahead of Mokedi’s Queen of heartsJack of clubs.  The turn 6 of spades and river 7 of diamonds complete the runout and Foster scores the double at Mokedi’s expense.

Dustin Foster – 270,000
Orez Mokedi – 60,000