#12 – NLH Finger Licker (Free BBQ)

Mon, May 29

Buy-in: $600

Guarantee: $50,000

1 Day
Mon, May 29 2:00pm

Final Five Close Out Finger Licker

The final five players opted to alter most of the remaining payouts and bring Event 12 of the May 2023 PokerAtlas Tour series at Texas Card House Houston to a close – with overwhelming chipleader Vladyslav Shovkovyi retaining the scheduled first-place prize of $14,050, the remaining four taking an even-chop.

  • Vladyslav Shovkovyi – $14,050
  • Laura Hoppe – $5,950
  • Michael Holst – $5,940
  • Lupe Vasquez – $5,940
  • Benjamin Anderson – $5,940

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$14,050 to Finger Licker Champ

Registration is closed in Event 12 of the 12-event PokerAtlas Tour series at Texas Card House Houston – $50,000 Guarantee $600 NLH Finger Licker – and the scoreboard shows 98 entries.

The house comes to the rescue of the players, somehow managing to cover the guarantee shortfall of a whopping $20, creating a $50,000 prize pool, paying the final 13 participants.

Here’s the scheduled payouts.

  1. $14,050
  2. $9,700
  3. $6,060
  4. $4,370
  5. $3,640
  6. $2,910
  7. $2,180
  8. $1,580
  9. $1,210
  10. $1,100
  11. $1,100
  12. $1,100
  13. $1,000

Feed The Players Some BBQ

Thanks to PokerAtlas and The Pit Room on Richmond, players in today’s $50,000 Guarantee $600 NLG – the Finger Licker – are treated to a full BBQ spread on an extended dinner break.

The play clock also paused with 16 remaining in the Title Event so those 16 didn’t feel left out, invited to c’mon over and join in the feast.

Free Feast For Hundreds on Reg Break

Level 3 . Ante 300 . Blinds 200.300 . Entries 45

Today’s $50,000 Guarantee Memorial Day Finger Licker $600 offers a FREE BBQ dinner from The Pit Room on Richmond.

Justin Hammer ordered the food – enough for FAR more players than are currently inside Texas Card House Houston – so get’cher appetite ramped up and get an entry in the tournament so you’re eligible for GrubTime.

Cash game players and those in Day 2 of the Title Event ar also food-eligible …


Free BBQ in Today’s $50k GTD $600

Level 1 . Ante 0 . Blinds 100.200 . Entries 9

Cards are in the air for Event 12 of 12 in the May 2023 PokerAtlas Tour series at Texas Card House Houston – $50,000 Guarantee $600 Finger Licker BBQ NLH.

Players open with 25,000 stacks and play 30-minute levels this entire one-day tournament that offers a FREE BBQ dinner of the registration break for all participants.

Registration and the unlimited-entry period remains available until 6:45 pm when the 30-minute registration break/Free BBQ break ends. 1-in-8 entries earns a tournament cash.


The prize pool will be published on the day of the event.