Jason Bullock – 3rd Place – $115,930

Jason Bullock – 3rd place – $115,930

Level 32 . Ante 250k . Blinds 125k.250k . Entries 2.1879

Jason Bullock opens on the button to 750k and Truong Huynh calls in the small blind. Cord Garcia comes along from the big, and the three go to a King of hearts9 of clubs3 of spades flop.

Huynh checks and Garcia fires out 1 million. Bullock calls and Huynh check-raises to 7.5 million. Garcia gets out of the way and Bullock calls all in for slightly less.

Bullock: Ace of diamondsAce of clubs
Huynh: King of clubs10 of diamonds

Huynh puts Bullock in with top pair and runs into an overpair, putting the latter in commanding shape to double up to nearly 17 million. The turn is a safe 4 of diamonds, but the 10 of clubs river gives Huynh two pair and knocks Bullock out in third place.

Jason Bullock – 3rd place – $115,930