Jael Lewis – 5th Place – $65,140

Jael Lewis – 5th place – $65,140

Level 31 . Ante 200k . Blinds 100k.200k . Entries 4.1879

Jael lewis raises to 500k in the cutoff and Cord Garcia three-bets to put her all in for 2.2 million effective. Lewis snap-calls.

Lewis: King of spadesKing of hearts
Garcia: Ace of diamonds10 of hearts

The board runs out 5 of diamonds4 of diamonds2 of spadesAce of hearts2 of hearts – Garcia picks up extra outs to a wheel on the flop before pairing his ace, which remains best through the river to eliminate Lewis from the tournament.

Jael Lewis – 5th place – $65,140
Cord Garcia – 22,500,000