Huynh Doubles Thru Garcia

Level 32 . Ante 250k . Blinds 125k.150k. Entries 4.1879

Truong Huynh limps in from the cutoff and Cord Garcia raises to 900k on the button. Huynh limp-jams for 8.85 million and Garcia calls.

Huynh: Ace of hearts3 of clubs
Garcia: Ace of spadesKing of clubs

Huynh is in trouble before finding three chop outs on the 7 of diamonds7 of hearts2 of clubs flop. The 5 of clubs turn adds wheel outs, all of which weren’t needed after the 3 of diamonds gives him two pair on the river and improves beyond Garcia’s better ace.

Huynh doubles to 18.375 million and Garcia is down to 28.5 million.