Eric Chang – 6th Place – $52,880

Eric Chang – Seat 3 – 5,750,000

Level 31 . Ante 200k . Blinds 100k.200k . Entries 5.1879

After losing two-thirds of his stack when Cord Garcia flopped trip Sixes against his top pair, Eric Chang soon finds himself all-in preflop for 1.2 million.

Garcia raises to 2.6 million and Jason Bullock comes along to create a 2.8m sidepot.

The dealer fans Ace of clubs 7 of diamonds 5 of spades and both players check, thy also check the 2 of spades turn, Garcia leading for 1 million on the Ace of spades river and Bullock lays down 4 of clubs 4 of diamonds

Chang shows 9 of clubs 6 of clubs , Garcia showing the nut flush with his Mom and Dad of Spades, aka King of spades Queen of spades

  • Eric Chang – 5th place – $52,880
  • Cord Garcia – 19,800,000