Eduardo Cuaderes – 4th Place – $86,660

Eduardo Cuaderes

Ante 32 . Ante 250k . Blinds 125k.250k . Entries 3.1879

Eduardo Cuaderes open-jams for 7.3 million in the cutoff and Truong Huynh calls on the button, much to the chagrin of Cuaderes.

Cuaderes: 5 of diamonds5 of hearts
Huynh: 8 of diamonds8 of hearts

A five is nowhere to be seen on the Queen of hearts4 of hearts3 of hearts3 of spades4 of diamonds runout, leaving Huynh’s eights best to bring Cuaderes’s run to an end in fourth place.

Eduardo Cuaderes – 4th place – $86,660
Truong Huynh – 34,200,000