Nothing to See Here, Folks

Level 6 . Ante 600 . Blinds 300.600 . Entries 123

Dennis Brand opens for 1,700 and Jackson Patterson joins. Drake Roetker – winner of the $200,000 Guarantee $600 Mystery Payday here at Texas Card House Houston – raises to 6,200 and the raising is only beginning.

Jason Gooch – yes, he’s not yet multi-tabling this and the $1,100 PLO – opts to move all-in for 37,770. Brand moves aside and Patterson thinks for a bit before rather-uncomfortably mucking his hand

Roetker snap-calls and up go the cards

  • Patterson praises himself when he sees Gooch show Two Red Kings
  • Everyone laughs a bit when Roetker shows Two Black Kings

No flush-draw-option on the flop and the competitors pull back their respective stacks, chopping up what was previously bet.

Everyone loves a chop pot, nothing to see here, folks, you are free to move about the poker room, your mileage may vary, try the veal, remember to tip your dealer.