PokerAtlas Tour

bestbet St. Augustine June 6-10

Introducing the PokerAtlas Tour! 

As a worldwide leader in providing poker information catering to millions of players from around the globe, we at PokerAtlas understand the thrill, passion and dedication that poker players bring to the tables like no one else. Fueled by our shared passion for the game and collective desire to unite players and properties, we at PokerAtlas have launched our very own PokerAtlas Tour with the promise to deliver thrilling action, gigantic prize pools, and unforgettable poker experiences.

Our mission for the PokerAtlas Tour is to provide a platform for players of all skill levels to engage in fun yet competitive events, while growing our vibrant poker community. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, a highly accomplished leadership team, and the industry’s best poker tournament software (our PokerAtlas “TableCaptain® System”), we are allll in on our commitment to deliver some of poker’s most enjoyable, action-packed, and well-run events.

Beyond just providing great varieties of tournaments ranging in buy-ins from $50 to $2,500, we are breaking new ground on our individualized focus for live event coverage. At PokerAtlas Tour events, we publish chip counts for EVERY player in EVERY tournament, from start to finish…a feat never before achieved at any other poker tour. Every participant in every PokerAtlas Tour event receives the coverage and exposure that only celebrity poker players are used to receiving.

Perhaps equally importantly, our PokerAtlas Tour is designed to showcase some of the best poker rooms in the USA and around the world. Whether at a casino mega-resort in Las Vegas, a card room in Florida or a poker club in Texas, our tour stop partners are carefully selected based on a specific set of criteria that we know players will enjoy and appreciate the most.

Join us on our PokerAtlas Tour for your ultimate poker adventure and elevated gaming experience.