Morrow Scores $12,500 in Bounties

Level 16 . Ante 10k . Blinds 5k.10k . Entries 42.514

Brandon Morrow has two bounty chips to cash in, so he heads over to the podium to meet TD Justin Hammer and draw twice for prizes.

Morrow pulls two envelopes from the drum and steps back, opening the first envelope to see $000. That’s not a typo, it shows NO payout, no what’s up?

Well, you see, what happened was. The $000 means you’ve won one of the seven large payouts – ranging from $5,000 – $20,000 – and you advance to Drum No. 2 and draw again.

Before this happens, Morrow opens his second envelope and pulls a $2,500 winner.

Now, the next envelope … $10,000.

Morrow just won $12,500, only $850 less than a third-place tournament finish and there’s still 42 players remaining for to earn more bounty draws.