Morrow Leads, up to $16k in Bounties

Level 17 . Ante 12k . Blinds 6k.12k . Entries 31.514

Ricky Owens opens for 31,000 and the runaway freight train otherwise known as Brandon Morrow bumps the action to 85,000. The rest of the table folds and Owens calls.

The flop goes Js . 8s . 8d, Owens announces all-in and Morrow – who eliminated Derek Normand just one hand earlier – snap-calls to place Owens at risk.

  • Owens shows Th . 9h for an open-ended draw.
  • Morrow shows Ad . Jd for two pair, top kicker.

Owens calls for his one-time and the dealer proceeds to offer 2h . Ks. Owens misses and cashes in 34th place for $1,050 and no collected bounties.

Morrow makes a familiar trek for him now, over to the podium to draw his third and fourth bounty envelopes. There’s $1,000 in the first and $2,500 in the second. Morrow is now up to $16,000 in bounties – good for better than a third-place tournament finish.

Brandon Morrow – 2,050,000 (171 bb)