Title Event: Five-Way Chop Crowns Tim Krauskopf The Winner

$800 NLHE PokerAtlas Tour Title Event
Day 2
$300,000 Guaranteed | Structure
Level 27: 40,000/80,000 with a 80,000 ante
Remaining Players: 1 of 459

Tim Krauskopf

Tim Krauskopf has taken down the top prize in the PokerAtlas Tour Title Event when the final five players agreed to a chop to bring the inaugural tour stop here at Resorts World on the Las Vegas Strip to close tonight for an early finish. Tim cruised to the win as the perennial chip leader for the majority of Day 2, and when it came time for the ICM chop he took home the top prize of $45,968 along with the custom PAT Tour trophy. Take a look below at the full payouts for the tournament. Here are a few quotes from the the exit-interview with Tim after he was all smiles with the trophy in hand after the tournament ended.

On playing the big stack: “It’s wonderful, the trophy is one of the big parts of it,” said Krauskopf. He continued: “It’s hard to take too much credit for it. You play a big stack, and then you play a little bit bully. You limp in, because you can afford the limp, and then if you hit you can really do some damage, and inflict some pain. And then once you get a couple they’re afraid of your bets. So I was able to get a couple of bluffs through too.”

Krauskopf is usually a $3-$5 and $5-$10 NLHE cash-game player back home in Chicago, so here is what had to say about adjusting to the tournament this week.: “I used to play tournaments when it was still legal everywhere in the U.S. I almost had to learn my way out of that to come back and play tournaments. I had this block of time where I came out here to Vegas for St. Patty’s Day weekend, and I was like ‘wow – wait, there’s a $300k guarantee starting on Saturday? And I can play until Monday?”

Krauskopf was certainly in the right place at the right time, and his chip stack was also in the right place at the right time for the majority of the playdown stretch of the tournament as well. He now has banked the largest score of his poker tournament career, and since he’s a resident of ChiTown that hosts one of the largest St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the world every year with dyeing the Chicago River green and the parade, he might have a had a little luck of the Irish to go along with his dominant poker play during the Endgame of this tournament.

1st: Tim Krauskopf – $45,968*
2nd: Danny Chen – $35,833*
3rd: Ross Miller – $33,844*
4th: Thanh Duong – $28,990*
5th: David Wade – $25,465*
6th: Graham Mathews – $11,630
7th: Brian Kim – $9,770
8th: Jimmy Svardhagen – $8,030
9th: Armen Minasyan – $6,430
10th: David Jackson – $5,410
11th Benjamin Boston – $5,410
12th: Michael Azzaro –  $5,410
13th: June Kim – $4,610
14th: Behzad Manshoory – $4,610
15th: Garen Zobian – $4,610
16th: Jeremy Becker – $3,830
17th: Bradley Coultas – $3,830
18th: Sayan Mondel – $3,830
19th: Brandon Zuidema – $3,130
20th: Yen Chan – $3,130
21st: Mitchell Garshofky –  $3,130
22nd: Ryan Wolfson – $2,560
23rd: Jack McClelland – $2,560
24th: Vladimir Peck – $2,560
25th: Brian Battistone – $2,230
26th: Robert Yamashita – $2,230
27th: Douglas Adkins – $2,230
28th: Ziqi Qiao – $1,930
29th: Richard Alati – $1,930
31st: Joseph Gargiulo – $1,930
32nd: Marco Damico – $1,930
34th: Francis Alegado – $1,930
35th: Kyle Shappelle – $1,930
36th: Jeffrey Farnes – $1,930
37th: Joseph Leo – $1,930
38th: Stewart Kirby – $1,930

*: denotes payout as a result of the five-way chop