Chrisopher Meza Eliminated in Ninth Place ($5,025)

Level 25 . Ante 80k . Blinds 40k.80k . Remaining Players . 8 of 994

Christopher Meza raised to 165,000 preflop, and Stuart Qualia called before the flop fell Queen of heartsJack of clubs10 of diamonds. Qualia checked, Meza bet 160,000, and Qualia raised to 430,000. Meza reraised all in for 2,070,000, and Qualia called to cover. The two players then turned over their cards.

Qualia: Queen of clubsJack of hearts
Meza: Ace of heartsQueen of diamonds

Turn and River: 6 of diamondsJack of diamonds

Meza was eliminated in ninth place, good for $5,025, and Qualia stacked up 5.78 million after the hand.

Stuart Qualia – 5,780,000 (72 bb)
Christopher Meza – Eliminated in Ninth Place ($5,025)