Stay Tuned … Derek Normand Calls His Shot in the Mystery Payday

Once upon a time Babe Ruth allegedly called his shot by pointing to center field before hitting a home run. Tonight at TCH Dallas the poker version of that happened when Derek Normand called his shot and came back from a short stack to start the final day (with 99 players returning) to win the Mystery Payday event at the PokerAtlas Tour series. Normand kept saying, “Stay tuned,” throughout the day on his path to victory as a calling card to the successful end result.

Normand took home not only the top prize worth $53,680, the unique PokerAtlas trophy, and another $45,000 in bounties for good measure along the way. Normand was having a great time along the way, and it was fun to watch him enjoy the ride. Normand took out five of the nine players at the final table. By the time the heads-up final began between Normand and Bradley Coultas, Normand had a 4:1 chip advantage. The final hand saw Normand flop a pair of queens to win the title, and Coultas was eliminated in second place, good for $38,300. A consolation prize for Coultas was the fact that he pulled the biggest bounty envelope in the field worth $50,000.

If you would like to see a full replay of the action, check out the TCH LiVE live stream on YouTube.

Final Table Results:

1: Derek Normand – $53,680
2: Bradley Coultas – $38,300
3: Christopher Laieta – $24,740
4: Stuart Qualia – $18,300
5: Kyle Birdwell – $14,130
6: Matthew Dalka – $11,700
7: Marad Arani – $9,420
8: Shakil Farishta – $7,190
9: Christopher Meza – $5,025